Dewey Decimal Hall of Fame Awards and Autumn Premiere Wrapup

October 13th, 2015


Obligatory disclaimer as always. Shows certainly do get better or worse than what their first episode(s) indicated. Mostly worse. Especially given the trend of the general anime audience to whip themselves into a furor over. Especially considering anime's problems with repetition and immediately taking every premise it has, unique or not, and then going to a holding pattern within a month. Anything I plan on definitely covering at least one more episode of has a Pusheen next to its name. Also, either a link to my post, or to a 90s cartoon opening.That doesn't mean I'll stick with it, or won't eventually pick up something without one, just that I'm planning to cover at least one more episode. Unless an episode bored or offended me on a fundamental level, I do tend to at least glance through the next episode or two of most things, even if I have nothing further to say. It has happened at least once in the past that I changed my mind and both quit on, then changed my mind on a show between episodes 2 and 3.

Anyway, onward and forward.


High School Star Musical


Transparent CD advertisement vehicle for Yet Another Boy Band.



Two boraction.



Change in staff has made what little humor there was left go the way of the dinosaur.


Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA


Has some needed focus on the action, but direction is nonsensical and the writing remains awful.


Sample Commoner


Mistakes cute for funny, and still not even selling that effectively on anything but a superficial level.

Dance With Devils


Sort of almost an actual musical, except not enough music and still suffers from all its subgenre's poor writing, animation, and character problems.

Bones But Not


Slow pacing and a poor 'mystery' do nothing to make Yet Another Quirky Girl and Her Boy Sidekick distinguish itself.

Antimagic Academy


Decentish action episode when it wasn't trying to be funny, which is unfortunately almost constantly.


Aquarion Logos


Not really because of its merits, but because the rest of Thursday is bleak.

The Perfect Insider


Twenty minutes of listening to 20 somethings blather pretentiously, going nowhere, not animated at all, and getting nothing done.

Lupin III – The Italian Adventures


Oh boy, a new character to take over the show who's exactly the same as another one, only blonde!

Lance N' Masques


Another LN trying to have it all, and ends up with just one remarkably suicidal child and janky art.

Young Black Jack


Massively overdramatized for how little actually happens or is shown. All talk, very little substance.


Heavy Object


About twenty minutes of exposition, and a minute or two of really poorly drawn T&A.



First season drowned itself in existential angst, second season leapt right back into the angst pool to wallow some more.

Garo – Crimson Moon


Far more cartoonish and corny than last year's iteration, even before MAPPA's trademark collapse.

Testament of My New Overlord Sister

I hate broccoli, and yet, in a certain sense, I am broccoli.

K – Return of Kings


One episode of half pure eyecandy, one episode of entirely talking heads. The latter will no doubt take over fully again.

Fafner Exodus

Joseph Stalin, grab onto my armored muumuu. Together, we shall leave this foul Earth behind.


The Asterisk War


Promos promised action. So far, it's been an extremely slow paced, very poorly directed, exceptionally generic magic school thing.

Seraph of the End


After a recap clips episode, it spent another episode recapping and reintroducing itself. That should really say it all.

Cavalry of a Failed Knight


More character driven than most of its identical fellows, but the second episode was nothing but T&A schlock.

Valkyrie Drive


For people who want to watch lesbian porn, but would rather the vaginas be cropped out instead of censored.


Tout les monde nous somme les amis!

Utawarerumono 2


Needs to find some direction for the plot and pick up the pace as well as not have moments where the director/writer spit up total nonsense.

Attack on Titan Jr High


Reference is not parody. Self-reference, using the jokes people made about you years ago, is just masturbatory.


Oh, yeah. Down here I'm considered the apotheosis of cool.

Did You Order a Rabbit?

Babies, chum; tiny, dimpled, fleshy mirrors of our us-ness, that we parents hurl into the future, like leathery footballs of hope!


Gundam – Iron Blooded Orphans


Ridiculously overblown characters declaring their evil/naivety keep getting in the way of sweaty naked teenagers grunting.

Comet Lucifer


Written and directed by mad people, with a cast that obeys no Earthly logic, so I assume it's for mad people as well.

Concrete Revolutio


Trying to cover up its problems with writing and character using gimmicks, not succeeding.

One Punch Man


Its anti-climax schtick wore thin in week one, and the good animation isn't supported by characters or story in the slightest.

Wrapup of the Wrapup:

Well, first, I do want to finish up my experiment with horny magic girls and light-novel-but-not-a-light-novel that I began last season. Monday and Tuesday are looking like the meh-est days, so they're the primary candidates at the moment. Granted, I haven't taken my obligatory second episode glance at Aria AA quite yet (will do so after work today), but I can't imagine it setting my loins aflame. Thursday looks pretty sad too. I'm sure I'll follow something on Sunday, but all three of the shows there kind of seem like they exist for mad people with varying degrees of repetition disorders or disconnects on reality. Well, at least more than one show has animated action this season. That's already a huge step up over last.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    “Tout les monde nous somme les amis!”

    Even Moyashimon second season was better at frog than this.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You’re actually going to follow “K, no not ‘K”, and “Utawhere’stheporno”???


    Good luck, you’ll need it…


  • anise_punter says:

    poor what’s her name from Yuru Yuri, forever unloved and forgotten

  • Fuwaa says:

    The Tick was amazing.

    • jingoi says:

      I wonder if Chairface ever got kim to sit on his face…then hopefully took a bath in bleach immediately after.

  • anise_punter says:

    You’ve been doing this since Nanoha Strikers aired, right? Is there a particular season in these intervening years that stands out for sheer awfulness?

    • Aroduc says:

      Spring 2013. The three ‘big’ shows for that season were a pair of basically unanimated light novels that did nothing but be self-referential, and Attack On Titan. After that, Valvrave was about the only thing of any note that didn’t give up on episode 2. And it was Valvrave.

      Spring 2015 takes a pretty close second though.

  • JadeiteAX says:

    Unfortunately for me I loved the Sunday shows, except for Comet Autism.

    Oh well, everybody seems to hate Gundam 00 and yet it’s pretty much the only Gundam I really managed to watch. Maybe I just like bad things?

    … Nah, I still think Gundam SEED is a disaster.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    I think I’m just gonna avoid the autumn anime season this year; besides checking up on “softcore lesbian porn” *ahem* I mean “Valkyrie Drive”, this is just gonna be a bust.

    • Alex the Too Old says:

      “besides checking up on “softcore lesbian porn” *ahem* I mean “Valkyrie Drive”, this is just gonna be a bust.”

      I see what you did there.

  • Rz says:

    Well, less time on watching anime, but more time to play VN / working on the sekrit project.