High School Star Musical #01 — Impromptu CD Advertisement

October 5th, 2015


More rain! More feathers! More petals! More sparkles!


The most offensive thing about this isn't the bizarre opening sequence of a guy prancing in the rain and growing crow wings in the mind's eye, nor the lack of animation, nor them putting a rock band, orchestra, and choir all in the same cherry petal-laden lot all apparently performing at once, nor the way that every single student in school lines up when the Cool Kids arrive to give them a man-hall to walk down in a tornado of petals so they can do an impromptu dance number for nobody in particular. Wait, what was my point again? I'm at only 6 minutes in. Oh right. The most offensive thing is how terrible the music is. Lay off the distortion. Please. Good god, please.

Basically, this is about four CD single ads with about ten minutes of padding in between them. Bad singles at that. Well, unless you like distortion and painful painful walls of sound. Kind of tangentially, one thing I am surprised that anime rarely touches on is the elaborate Broadway musical number, especially since they love to turn random franchises into musical, lest we forget that there exists 10… TEN goddamned Bleach musical productions… but with the exception of Nerima Daikon, Japan really hasn't seemed to understand that there's a difference between a broadway production and just making a generic as crap half-assed music video for generic random pop song and tossing that in. See also Love Live. It's something the west turns to time and time again for parody and humor purposes yet is a largely untapped gold mine in eastern media. I know how crazy you go for Disney stuff, Japan. Why are you so afraid of tapping into it?

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  • The Phantom says:

    “Offensive” Its 100% accurate of what this POS actually is.