Aquarion Logos #14 — ET Phone Contact List

October 1st, 2015


This punch seems… wrong.

Not certain where Lupin is. I think the delay and station have cast it into no man's land. Maybe I'll just cover the Italian version of episode 1 at this point just to get it over with. I mean, it's Lupin, not brain surgery. That way, there's also the rap. 


Now, I'm not saying that they need to be immediately murdering and dissecting every single form of alien life that wanders into their bizarre world where reality is nearly erased on a weekly basis, but when confronted with a completely alien creature that they know absolutely nothing about, I think that bears a little more caution than "let's send it home to play house and pretend guns with the head of the reality defense force." And of course, the first thing we do after 'killing' an antagonist is revive him in flashback and hallucination form. Yeah, not thinking we've actually gotten past him. 

This episode was kind of oddly reminiscent of Gatchaman of all things with the way that cell phones and quasi-social media saved the day with its laser focus, immediate responses, and lack of any irrelevant information. In other words, it was written by people who have only heard of cell phones and Twitter in the stories of legend told by their children. And then it died for some inexplicable reason (magic word alien stuff, I guess), dragging her out of the fire from the raging inferno created instantly by a bomb hidden in some kid's bag, that exploded outside the house yet only set the house itself on fire, so also add bombs and fire to the list of things that they don't really understand.

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