Utawarerumono 2 #01 — Burritos 101

October 3rd, 2015


Please. Bore me more with tales of your native foodstuffs.


The highlight of this episode will no doubt be the bit where he grabs her tail, because the audience is harp seals. So clap. Clap excitedly, harp seals, upon seeing a reference to something else. It's also never a good sign when you seemingly blow your entire budget in the opening couple minutes on an incredibly half-assed snow-beetle chase into an ugly CGI blob. After that, talking heads. Talking heads. And more talking heads. Maybe if the characters weren't all such bland, uninteresting sacks of no personality, it could've gotten by on them or their interactions, but alas, the tail grabbing thing is the height of that as well.

If you were hoping for any kind of adventuring, fighting, or anything of interest at all, then good news. Instead you get a bit on how to make not-burritos. Granted, the original series had an extremely slow start too, but they're happy to introduce jack squat here without even the hint of war on the horizon or angry tigers. Some guy with amnesia. Animal people. They live in a village. That's it. That's all you get. I hope you're already on board because maybe we might get to something else next week. Or maybe not. Moving at a goddamned mile a minute here. Oh wait, there were literally 3 seconds at the end of some guy in the forest screaming. Well gee, if that's not an enthralling cliffhanger, I don't know what is.

Next Episode:

More talking heads. Maybe a bug.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    B-but I like food.

  • Longhaul says:

    So to get it out of the way, the girl is reminiscent of the blind sister who got preggers at the end of the previous series.

  • shark0week0 says:

    That actually sounds like 100% faithful to the game lol

  • anise_punter says:

    Why does it always have to be giant insects?

    • Aroduc says:

      I’ve actually wondered that myself. I think it’s because Japan is full of the damn things, in particular cicadas (esp. in summer) and beetles. Familiarity and whatnot.

  • The Phantom says:

    I LOVED the Original series, and so I am probably going to follow this regardless of slow start or whatever. loved also the tail grabbing scene, it never gets old.