Attack on Titan Jr High #01 — Less is More

October 3rd, 2015


Let's aim for none.

Just FYI, there was a Seraph of the End episode broadcast this week, but it was #12.5 and just clips from the first 12 episodes. Party on, Wit. Also, as with Asterisk this morning, according to my time, Gundam airs at 1am, Comet Lucifer at 630am, and Concrete Revowhatever at 7am. I will be doing my best to sleep in on a weekend, corgi allowing, so I'll just have a queue when I wake up. It's not like I expect to enjoy an extra-angsted Okada Gundam anyway.


I was all ready to write something about how good parody exists outside of references to its source material, but it would seem that's putting the cart before the horse, because it was happy to go a few minutes before doing anything that could even vaguely be mistaken for a joke, and even then, it was all yelling and loud noises. I… guess maybe you could call the art style sort of a joke? But you can just look at some screen caps and do the harp seal clapping routine for recognizing something for that. Also, I'm not sure the wisdom of trying to go from the overexaggerated drama of the original source to overexaggerated screaming. It's not so much parody as it is doing, and especially saying, the exact same thing, but this time it's a 'hilarious' joke because it's their lunches instead of people. I think we need to be aiming a bit higher than that, guys.

Really, the best thing that this episode was cutting itself about six minutes short for some stupid cast crap. It was a relief when the ED kicked in at around the 15 minute mark and there were just a bunch of morons running around in costume, trying (and failing) to act like they were into any of it. The jokes were uniformly screaming and everything made my ears and eyes hurt. I'm not masochist enough for this.


Next Episode:

Don't care.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Wow this one hurt, I was actually looking at this going “so no season 2 this year… for this shit”. The fact that actual money, possibly millions of yen, was thrown at this when there are 4koma manga that parody this crap for almost nothing, at this point not really irritates but bores me. Like this is the type of crap the anime industry along with other pointless fanservice anime wants to turn actually, well “entertaining” at least, anime into boring, unfunny comedy spin-offs that no one (should’ve) wanted.

    • Paulo27 says:

      And the thing about this is that it’s just going to repeat the “jokes” (i.e. the one thing that defined the characters like potato girl and whatnot) from the show itself or use memes made for the show.
      Failure on all levels.

  • dark says:

    i´m waiting for s2 too, i guess it is free of spoiler and at least it look better than some haren shit this season

  • The Phantom says:

    I can not believe they are doing a full season of this piece of shit, is not even funny.