Dachshund Quinceañera and Summer Premiere Wrapup

July 14th, 2014

I’m about to lose my kitchen for two weeks!

As usual, these are just the first things that pop into mind when I think about the first episode(s) of the shows for the season. It’s not comprehensive, the final word, yada yada, so on and so forth. You know the drill and if not, I’d hope you can figure it out. I do check out the first couple episodes of almost everything, but unless my opinion changes in any significant way or I have more to say, I’m not going to make another post on it. I’ve put dancing Finnish trolls next to things I definitely plan on covering for at least one more week, although in a couple cases, that mostly has to do with the other shows on that day having already squandered their attempts for my attention, and may not last beyond that. I do like my routine, especially if I can cover something before going to work in the morning. Doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it, and doesn’t mean I might not pick up something without a moomin either.

If you’ve got any input, flames, or desperate begging, go wild.


Blade Dance


Decent protagonist, but not much else under an especially thick layer of fantasy harem cliche.

Blue Spring Ride


Just another of the inexhaustible supply girly romance about insecure teenagers hemming and hawwing for months on end.



Dancing is the most magicalest friendliest foreheadest thing evveeeerrrrr. Not much here besides power of girly friendship.



Zersnoo, Pepenelo, Sobs, Dapan, Dyhow, Nardox, Joubi, Hamtaro!


 Momokyun Sword 


Does most thing okay with too much tit swing/blistering, but absolutely no part of it stands out as particularly good.




A valiant effort at a blatant ripoff of magical girlfriend wishes plus pervert, but didn’t make me laugh once.

Bakumatsu Rock


Not corny enough to be funny, not anything else enough to pass as anything else.



That’s right. Those pelvises go all the way down.

 Love Stage 


There’s the obvious elephant in the room, but it easily had the best direction, production, and writing of all the new comedies. 

Fate Kaleid Liner


Still pissing all its time away doing everything but having magical girls. And then they fight a damn puddle.


Glass Lip


How do you even sit down and decide to start a show with nearly ten minutes of montages?



Nowhere near enough going on to be an exciting war/action show, and the characters are all pretty boring.

 Tokyo Ghoul 


Protagonist is awful and the writing is inane to match, but interesting direction and strong production.

 Terror in Tokyo 


Ultra wangy and probably written by a 13 year old vampyre, but looks excellent and not boring.

Rail Wars


The first episode was the 10 minute pre-air special with no new content, just 10 additional minutes of padding. How? 

Persona 4 Remix


At least they’re trying to make it different, just aren’t trying anywhere near hard enough.



Poor production, poor humor, tired as hell idol bleh.

Black Butler


I swear that this is the exact same episode that the series began with years ago. It hasn’t come very far.


Apartment Invaders


Tremendously stupid, and yet not stupid enough nor eventful enough to actually be funny for it.

 Tokyo ESP 


Exciting opening episode, but does need to better structure itself and focus on the characters.

Nobunaga Concerto


Spin spin spin spin spin spin spin!


Sailor Moon


What does this add to the franchise? Why does this exist? What is the point of this? None of these questions were answered.

Hollywood Boys


A little better than most idol shows just because they’re into it and silly about it, but cheap and not passable as comedy or drama.

Sword Art Online


The entire first episode was exposition and sitting on a bench jerking off about what reality is.



Writing’s pretty awful and the characters manage to be worse, but one of the two episodes did try decently to make things exciting.

 Sengoku Basara 


 New art/directing style, but looking like it’s going right back into the same angsty crap that sunk the second season.



 City guy moves to country, noisy children with pure hearts heal his soul. Part 54.

Space Dandy


When are they getting to Latex Babes of Estros?


La Bonne Vie


Just another “guy joins club of girls who do nothing” shows without bring anything new or interesting to the table.

Survival Game Club!


All of the jokes are just overreactions and it lacks the production to make anything but the yelling expressive enough for it to work.

 Akame Slashes 


Needs to drop the out of place slapstick entirely… and get a budget if it wants to keep pretending to be an action show.

 Monthly Girl Nozaki 


Expressive and decently directed, but too few decent jokes and the ones it has are driven into the ground with a vengeance.

Dramatical Murder


Nothing happens, and when it does, it happens just off-screen so there’s no danger of waking anybody up from their nap.


I’m disappointed in how poor the weekends are looking, but eh. It’s a season. Things are nicely spread out throughout the week, which I always appreciate, but nothing’s really excited me yet. I’m hoping Tokyo ESP learns from its heritage apparent in Ga-Rei Zero, since I really liked the start and ending to that. Middle… not so much, but we’ll see. It’s not like it has any of the same key staff anyway. And in all likelihood, I’ll probably cover at least one more episode of Blade Dance too just because it airs well before I need to go to work and Mondays are otherwise bleh, but I’m not feeling especially enthusiastic about it at the moment. That would also prevent any big gaps in the week (well, or Tit Blisters Sword) so I don’t need to do another ill-advised game/trial review thing.

Anyway, back to the grind.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    From my biased opinion: you should give Persona 4 a second go, it had a great start.

  • Longing says:

    Well… looks to be another lackluster season. Good luck watching all this stuff.

    Looking at Akame Slashes to be this season’s Brynhilder. Though I’m not sure that anything in this lineup can match Bryn’s level of “generically terrible.”

  • algorithm says:

    “too much tit swing”

    There’s no such thing.

    After all these years, Moomins are still nightmare fuel.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Wow, Aroduc, we’re actually rather… compatible this time.

    Minus the obligatory bestiality thing of course.

    When exactly did you betray your love for guinea pigs and went down the dachshund route anyway? This is interesting and it matters.

  • Afrosquirrel says:

    It’s too bad that Survival Game Club didn’t make the cut, especially with how much it improved in the second episode.

  • Fate says:

    This is possibly the first time we diverge so very much on what to watch in years. I didn’t watch either Tokyo show though so I guess I will need to correct this and see if they are worth while.

  • kenuran says:

    So a maximum of nine shows followed this time around. A big change in number from the five shows last season which I think was a record low for you and this blog.

    Also, when will we get a new entry in Deep Thoughts? I want a Deep Thoughts entry!

    • Aroduc says:

      I spend my large chunks of free time translating these days. Oh for the long ago, when I made combo videos and pontificated about eating DVDs.

  • anise_punter says:

    We’ll always have Basara 1 :|

  • Yue says:

    Boobs; check! Momokyun Sword
    Mecha; check! Aldnoah.Zero
    Comedy; check! Love Stage
    Action; check! Tokyo ESP; Akame Slashes
    Sc-fi; check! Sengoku Basara
    Horror; check! Tokyo Ghoul
    Drama; check! Terror in Tokyo; Monthly Girl Nozaki

    just awesome Aroduc! you’ve finally covered every genre