Ranking of Kings #06 — Re-Quest

November 18th, 2021


Wait, they were looking for somebody?


Did I have a stroke? Did I just somehow forget that they had embarked on a quest to find a specific dark wizard living in hell and avail themselves of his dark magics to become stronger? Was any of this brought up before running straight into the dark wizard king? I thought we were just at a random volcano being kidnapped after accidentally poisoning ourselves on gas by the very person we're looking for? Except it's not this dark hell wizard, it's his brother, the other hell wizard? And now we're doing a bit where they explain that the kid dodges well, and then everybody gasps in absolute shock when… he does exactly that. And we're still going with "nothing matters in a fight except raw strength, so your humiliation of a far superior fighter means nothing" I see. That has not magically started making any sense, guys. Christ, even Dragonball understood that. I'm pretty sure there was like a 2-3 episode arc just on explaining that to Trunks.

Meanwhile, the baddies just beat up Daida and force the evil potion down his throat. So why didn't we just do this from the start? The explanation that snake dude was supposedly keeping an eye on things is not satisfactory. Snake Guy went down right away. You have an entire cavern full of frozen monsters, and apparently enough pull to steal giant royal corpses and live in the royal bedroom. I do not believe you would have found it difficult to drug a child that was already in your complete thrall. Oh, and did we mention that that one palace dude was eaten by a gryphon and brought back with dark magic too? Well, he was.

It's like every single possible plot and story development from all the shows end up in just this and Megaton Musashi. And yet, both are still desperately searching for resolutions and endings to even the simplest arcs, of which this season seems to still have none.


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