Ranking of Kings #03 — Random Encounters

October 28th, 2021


Why are there so many giant monsters in this castle?


I continue to be of two minds about this show. It succeeds in making almost every character multi-faceted and intriguing. The queen and snake-assassin dude were the stand-outs this week, clearly playing multiple sides with their own agendas, but not burdening everything with a mountain of exposition explaining their every single thought. It would definitely work better without the main character though, who continues to be an obnoxious squeak toy prop. I guess it cuts down on the pointless blathering, but none whatsoever would be better, to say nothing of an actual character. Or just develop him into something besides a squeaking widget.

But at the same time there's Daida, who immediately goes full Joffrey and demands a bloody purge of all dissidents. Not just that, but people explicitly go "Well, this is way too evil and conniving for him to have come up with on his own, so it must be that evil mirror corrupting him." …And? We're just going to obey the orders anyway? We're just tolerating the existence of a clearly cursed object whispering in a child's ear? Really? And there's the giant squatting demon that emerged from the king's body and started cackling madly. We're making one passing comment on that and then completely putting it out of our mind? Is it still sitting there? We've kept this a secret somehow? Nobody's really concerned with that? Uh, okay. If you say so.


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