Littlewitch Academia #24 — Whose Show Is It Anyway?

June 18th, 2017


It was nice of Akko to show up and solve everything in the length of a commerical break.


There's almost something poetic about everyone being oblivious to the giant evil rocket of evil shooting into the stratosphere as alarms buzz but Akko and crowd celebrate the wonderment of Akko's belief in friendship and magic. Kind of a microcosm of the show. Erase those last five seconds though, and you've got the completely expected completely tonedeaf finale in just about every way. Croix's plan to harness all evil turns out to be a Bad Idea™, but Akko shows up and effortless kills Super Duper Evil about three minutes after it spawns (damn thing didn't even try to attack her), gives Chariot a peptalk and friendship hug which turns out to be the true magic all along, and thus, everything is saved, resolved, etc. The end. Plus klaxons because "Oh crap, we forgot we had another episode." Literally, that's all she did this episode. After her big crisis of spirit when she learned that she was meant to have everything handed to her but didn't, she… shows up and once again resolves everything merely by believing really really hard. Didn't even have to ask the audience to clap along with her. She's just that special. 

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  • elior1 says:

    so the final episode is next week. i dont know why but i feel secrifise coming