Exile Continues…

January 16th, 2024

Still alive. Still forcibly offline. 5 hours until another wind/ice storm, so not feeling hugely optimistic. And supposedly in about 26 hours, it'll be 40 degrees and pouring rain. Weather!

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On Vacation, Don’t Wait Up

September 21st, 2016


I'm out of town from Wednesday night until late Sunday. I'll catch up on the weekend shows on Monday. I'm not sure whether or not I'm going to do a full season preview post this time. It's a pain, of dubious worth anyway, and lately serves mostly to exhaust and annoy me. As are all the half-assed "another goddamned generic idol/girls in a club" show posts, and maintaining the little motivation I have in recent months is a challenge enough as it is. Enjoy some recycled fanservice from 2008 while I'm gone that would've been timely three days ago, but is now just three days late. Make whatever complaints you want. I'll figure crap out in five days.

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Out For Repairs

December 8th, 2013

Just a quick FYI, I’m in the hospital right now after some incredibly ironic surprise surgery. I’ll be here until likely at least Tuesday, so don’t expect any posts from me for a few days while I’m on the mend. You’ll survive. Maybe I’ll do something, but I have my work laptop here instead of my personal one so it’s unlikely. It’s nothing life threatening at all and I’ve felt pretty much fine for the last 12 hours or so on very few painkillers (admittedly, five in the middle were under anesthesia), so you can have fun speculating what it was. Aroduc out.

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Out of Town — Don’t Wait Up For Me

September 19th, 2013

Yeah, it’s not much of a filler picture, but damn, is it pretty. Well, aside from all the sidestory stuff, but nothing goes by faster than a whole, whole lot of sex. One day I should write something on that, although I think I peaked early since Daibanchou is still the standard by which I compare all others. "Diamond spear jutting into the sky" as dirty talk among erudites does deserve honorable mention though. I’ll be back on Tuesday. Coverage of shows will be delayed, sporadic, nonexistent, and/or drunk until then.

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I Have a Dream

September 25th, 2010

 Because if I’m eaten by a bear, this is a fitting message from beyond the grave.

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Tenka Seiha Going on Hiatus

February 1st, 2009


I hoped I’d never have to do this.

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