Tenka Seiha Going on Hiatus

February 1st, 2009


I hoped I’d never have to do this.

I wish I could say that there was some good reason, or some catastrophic computer event, or even just my academic or professional life overwhelming me, but it’s really not any one thing in particular. I’ve just been struck with ennui for what I’ve been doing. It’s been almost an entire month since a show ended and I thought to myself that I really enjoyed it, and nearly four full days since I saw anything really spectacular. What can I say? Winter anime has just left literally day long gaps where I have absolutely nothing to do and with the economy hitting my life especially hard right now, I really need to reassess my priorities.

So it is with my deepest regret, and I hope your sincere understanding, that I’ll be placing Tenka Seiha on hiatus starting around 12:00 pm on February 1st, lasting until around 10 am on February 2nd, or maybe a few hours longer depending on how long it takes to sort out various factors in my personal life.

Let’s go Cards!


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29 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sterling01 says:

    Can a one day break really be considered a hiatus?

  • Rockfest says:

    Oh, I see what you did there.

  • DominicanZero says:

    Come on, Aro, you just wanted an excuse to make a pic dump. XD

  • Silverdragon15 says:

    Knock yourself out.

  • Yue says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Tenka Seiha is my LIFE!!! [grabs all pics] ^o^

  • TJ says:

    Would it be bad if I said “Go Steelers!”?

    Just kidding haha… hope it’ll be a good game though.

  • meganeshounen says:

    Hope you’ll sort out whatever needs sorting in your life.

  • Gummi says:

    But before you go on Hiatus, you will blog zettai karen children ep 43 right??

  • Aroduc says:

    Of course. The game doesn’t start until long after Caroline/ZKC shows up.

  • Gummi says:

    Boy thats good too hear :) because last weeks preview of Zettai Karen Children looks interesting :D It also seems there finally going to intorduce Caroline or atleast i think her name was Caroline.

  • yukira says:

    …I hate you….

  • sage says:

    So it is with my deepest regret, and I hope your sincere understanding, that I’ll be placing Tenka Seiha on hiatus starting around 12:00 pm on February 1st, lasting until around 10 am on February 2nd

    Best. Troll. Ever.

  • Hibiki says:


  • Shance says:

    Wow, this is probably one of the best classic troll tactics I’ve seen pulled off. Nice one.

  • Kabitzin says:

    Is this just so you can post an “I’m back!” post?

  • Zyl says:

    Or depending on the results of the game: In defeat, malice. In victory, REVENGE!!!

  • hotlolisex says:

    You magnificent bastard.

  • Omisyth says:


  • Kraker2k says:


    Where will I go to get my anime summaries now?!

    PS. I lol’d

  • Mark says:

    I have to admit I was thoroughly confused when I read the ‘entire month’ and ‘nearly four full days’ bit, though the ending is so obvious it’s surprising people believed you. ^^

    Nice parody. Wish Jason could see it and decide to get Derailed by Darry running again.

  • bakaohki says:

    Hey, I don’t celebrate most holidays… so today counts as one of the biggest in the year for me. The fact I’m actually bothering to post here is nuts… enjoy the game, and try to keep it under 20,000 calories…

  • kearsie says:

    steelers, faggots, believe it

  • omo says:

    >> Best. Troll. Ever.

    Isn’t this normally called a rickroll?

    Go Pittsburgh I guess.

  • windoze says:

    Good LUCK!

  • Anonymous says:

    Well that sucks I guess you must be having some major probl…

    >go cards

    Oh… I see what you did thar!

  • Totali says:

    In America, we call it Super Bowl weekend.

  • TJ says:

    That was quite the finish to the game. Unfortunately Cards’ defense let them down at the end.

  • Mokou says:

    Haha, nice excuse for an image dump! I’m amazed I’ve never seen many of these images of characters I know cheer-leading!

  • almazluverdis3 says:

    Yeah, see the to gals in bikinis? Those are from disgaea.