Gelato Five #12 — The Amazing Amazo

June 24th, 2022


Really? Not even a kiss?


This is of course how it ends, with another dumb spat over some absolutely mundane thing which the characters are too childish and immature to deal with like adults, so they have to throw a tantrum. I took a job to be in an ad pretending to be married, but you're jealous of that and I'm too insecure to even do that! GIve me a break. Meanwhile, Team Evil invents Amazo, which immediately destroys them, so they need to work together, thus realizing that they were being childish and thereby holding hands. Not even a kiss or reveal to end things. Just more of "Hey, nothing's gonna change, advance, or develop in any way."

Pretty much a microcosm of the series and all the problems with it, which I already enumerated a week or two back, but in some ways, also only showing a tiny bit of the animation flair that the show occasionally had too despite supposedly being a big over the top finale. I think the issue is that it was spread far too thin for the budget because it certainly pretended by amping up the frame-rate on occasion, but was largely just impact stills in place of actually animating anything. The final beam thing was particularly embarrassing. Just flashing, strobing nonsense. Which is not the best way to end things, guys! But I guess that's what we're going with, and why nobody will think of this show ever again starting about three minutes from now.


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