The Dawn of the Witch #02 — Mutilation For Everybody

April 14th, 2022


Fanservice camera angles for some.


I'm still pretty lukewarm on this, but I have to admit that there's a certain amount of eye-rolling amusement every time it shoves a weird splay-legged shot of the blonde or the red head boobs right up. The continued poor production and facial expressions aren't helping all that much either, particularly the goofy ones when it does 'horrifying' things like crushing hands… which it does right after showing how he used to be repeatedly mutilated as a slave as part of a carnival attraction. You could still make a visceral, disturbing torture scene out of it, but bug-eyed gasping is not the right expression.

Mostly, it was the terrible pacing that did this episode in. This and the previous episode could have… nay, should have been a single one. How many flashbacks do we need to show that all the characters were tortured and mutilated? At least seven or eight minutes worth of them. Red's was particularly unconnected to anything. This is horrible, which reminds me of my horrible childhood where my horns were cut off by fanatics. And also reminds me of how I was just attacked two minutes before. IT'S ALL MY FAULT. Uh… right. Thanks to everybody, especially the ranting lunatic for sitting there and waiting patiently for me to hold my head and have a thinksies for five minutes straight. The protagonist hasn't gotten any better either, basically doing nothing but saying "It's not your fault," and having special protagonist power to touch the evil staff even though he's not supposed to touch the staff. What a hero.

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