Spy x Family #03 — Periodic Face

April 23rd, 2022


Really phoning it in on the script and animation already, huh?


Lean into the premise, don't run from it. Jump right into wacky spy/assassin missions crossing over with each other, doing crazy spy stuff. Don't just relegate it to being the punchline that comes every thirty seconds on the dot, over and over and over and over again. We have to train you to pretend to be rich… BUT I'M AN ASSASSIN. This is a place for rich people to do rich things… BUT HE'S A SPY. For 98% of the episode, that's all that the premise had to do with the episode, and all that they did with it. Then a random dude obligingly mugged an old lady so they could arbitrarily say "all's well that ends well" for an episode that was the kind of filler you get from stuffing a hamburger full of sawdust.

Leverage didn't need an episode where they do nothing but sip brandy and make sandwiches to bond and neither did this. Do the bonding while engaging in crazy-ass spy stuff, whether you choose to be Lupin-esque or more down to earth MacGyver-esque. Just don't be this goddamned boring, and maybe even worse, pointless

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