Idaten Deities #08 — Guts and Clones

September 8th, 2021


Still could've used more viscera.

I no longer have any idea what the schedule for this show is. After the delay, Crunchyroll surprise popped this up yesterday when I wasn't paying attention, because why would I be? Maybe they'll pop up episode 9 tomorrow. Maybe next Tuesday. Who knows!


Now this is a bit more like it, though Rin's breakdown at the end was pretty unconvincing. Robo-dude looks sort of like one of the previous gods, and… that's sort of it. Enough to trigger a wail of anguish. A good job on both of the main fights though, even if it makes me wonder what the hell the point of any of the episodes upon episodes of training were if we were just going to go full Dragonball punchies. At least they were well animated and continue to use color, particularly contrast, well to make the visceral scenes sing. This is something Silver Link and Shaft used to also do really well and consistently, but I guess those directors left them or something.

I think the larger question is where things go from here. I'm not hugely interested in the nun or nun-clone god to be perfectly honest. Maybe they'll make something of that, but so far, she's been a gratuitous character for the worst parts of the show, and her trying to proselytize the sanctity of life over the killing of a demon about to murder her or the demon emperor of a Nazi nation literally run on rape, slavery, and murder is not a convincing argument. There was a literal train of refugees that the good guys are shrugging their shoulders about. Cry over them instead. The antagonist corps has also been reduced to basically nil. Maybe Miku is supposed to take over that role, but there's only a few episodes left, so whatever the final arc is going to be is going to be speedrun as all hell.


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