Monster Incidents #01 — Random Monster Generator

January 10th, 2021


Suddenly, giant zombie deer!


I hate trying to talk about this kind of episode because it was pretty much just okay. The animation budget is possibly a bit lacking if it's supposed to be an action oriented show, but I'm not sure from this episode if it is. I can say that the writing did come off as a bit bad for most of it. "Investigate the strange things going on in the fields." "I want to talk to the kid who spends all day in the fields." "WHAT!? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT!? WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS!?" Eventually, it reveals that he was actually hired to kill the kid, which doesn't make the sheer indignity at asking to spend time with him any less weird. Same with the reveal that there's a quite literally random second ghoul in the area. Couldn't we have made it come from murder-boy 'killing' ghoul-boy or something? No? It's just a random zombie megadeer that was hibernation? Uh, okay then. I guess that's what we're going with.

Mostly though, again, it was just… okay. There was a plot. It established the setting and a direction for the story to go in without getting bogged down in exposition, status screens, or other nonsense like that. The 'twists,' as it were, were dumb, but they were inflections on the story that while not unexpected, did keep it moving forward at a fairly slow clip, but moving forward nonetheless. It didn't do anything particularly well, but it didn't indulge in any big sins either. Is that praise? Probably not, but there's worse this season.


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  • Anonymous says:

    “it was pretty much just okay” “Is that praise?” It is, and the episode was good and you know it and you dont deny it which speaks by itself.

  • Anthony Baranyi says:

    Short summary:

    Pedo monster collects monster kids so he can show his ass to them…

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