Animal Fun Facts #05 — Screw the Rules

February 3rd, 2020


I feel like there's something with the zebras obsessively playing MtG that I'm just not getting.


This episode was particularly light on the animal fun facts. So much so that it had to make up something about koalas that, granted, I'm not 100% up on my mistaken beliefs about foreign animals specific to the Japanese culture, but still seems dumb, particularly when you're talking about an animal whose war cry is to shriek like a squeak toy, and whose mating cry is to aggressively belch until the female is sufficiently seduced. I'm serious. I'll wait. And while we're at it, when a sloth female goes into heat, it begins incessantly shrieking like a siren until a male shows up and bangs it. So why the hell are we making up weird nonsense about koala hand power? There is so much better actual animal crap out there which we haven't even begun to tap? Pun intended.

Anyway, the only real animal fun facts for the week are that sloths can swim and chimpanzees can use tools, the latter of which is apparently carte blanche for them to cheat however they feel like, which is especially strange considering all the animals have been anthropomorphized and use tools. But this is different. Somehow. Like the joke about how the zebras couldn't participate because you need a team of 5… the scene before the good guys went "Welp, we only have a team of 4 now, so let's go participate!" That's not a joke, just a thing the show did. Kind of similar to the whole school cheering for the sloth. Not sure why. It wasn't a joke that they were doing it for no reason, it just acted like there was some kind of big triumphant moment to milk, and milked it hard. Almost enough to make you ignore the eerie frozen crowd in the background for almost the whole last third of the episode. Not quite, but almost.

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