Zoo School #03 — Pack Mentality

January 20th, 2020


How nice of the main characters to show up this week.


Once again, I have to wonder what reality Japanese writers live in. Not for the half-assed Zootopia knockoff storyline about the lion and impala except without the herbivore-as-the-real-evil twist at the end or the really really messed up carnivores being neutered to be Proper Citizens which didn't make it into the final cut. That was banal and proceeded exactly as expected, aside from the part where she said she'd totally be DTF a random cat four times her size who she thought was trying to murder and eat her a few minutes before. It's nice that after a whole episode off, we're back to casually insinuating about all the murder and rape going on around here though.

It's the bitchy molerat's shtick, which is "animals having any kind of relationship with other species is bad," with a side of being naked, except not really because we're half-assing that too. First, it requires you to be completely ignorant of the bazillions of symbiotic relationships in fauna, not to mention all the parasitic ones too, and a lot of them are super weird and would be rife for comedy, especially if the show was willing to start being actually brutal to its characters. I'm looking at you, parasitic worm that eats fish tongues and then permanently attaches itself as the new tongue. But it's especially weird that it would be directed at human-animal relationships. How deviant it is for a human and a dog to be together. Or a human and a cat. Nobody's ever heard of a dog being around humans. You could take so many other angles, like him corrupting the other animals with his pet lifestyle, or just how messed up having pets in this world would be (although a lot of stuff in this world is pretty screwed up), but no. It takes the most bafflingly stupid and incomprehensible tack.

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  • ark noir says:

    I’d love how to see how snu-snu works with the mole rats as the size discrepancy is damning..

  • jgoi says:

    You should ask whoever draws kim possible porn.