Azur Lane #10 — Sweats

December 12th, 2019


I'm past ready for next season.


Kudos to whoever the genius animator was that made the suggestion that instead of animating someone laughing maniacally, they could just take a still of the eyes, nose, and mouth, and vibrate them on a blank head. The tiny amount of money saved there probably went into an extra droplet or two in the sauna bit. And yes, the 18 minutes of continued faffing about before they're interrupted by a literally random attack to ensure that Something Happened were totally necessary. Also, this may be a weird thing to harp on, but have the bases and whatnot always been completely empty? Where's all the staff who make these seventeen course banquets they apparently eat every day? Or sweep up the ten thousand cherry blossoms that they sit under each evening? Or do the laundry because all of them apparently have sixteen thousand changes of clothes? Maybe this episode just had way too many shots of their palatial estates and gigantic feasts. Maybe my mind was just wandering that far afield in search of any stimulation at all.

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