GARO – Vanishing Line #12 — The Shower Monster

December 22nd, 2017


There sure are a lot of horror-infested stops on this trip.

No new episode next week due to holidays. It should return on the 5th.


Another episode where it revealed the monster of the week far too early, yet didn't spend nearly enough time on it to actually make any kind of even slightly interesting episodic story, resulting in another episode that fills time without being interesting or advancing anything in any way. Had to fit in Sword's especially weird rant about boobs and a bath scene for the girls somehow after all. At the very least, they could put the explanation of the fall/corruption after showing that whoever has become a sadistic people eater (or I guess is just apathetic to it). That wouldn't solve the issues with the lack of development, but it would at least let things develop more naturally instead of having to always go back and explain itself.  

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