Samurai Jack S5 #09 — Dance Off

May 13th, 2017


Highlight of the episode, somehow.


Bleh. At least the fighting remained strong enough, although definitely nowhere near the first few episodes. Half the episode being consumed by another ten goddamned minutes of awkward adolescent flirting didn't help at all though. Nor did Scaramouche's abrupt death after going through the motions for the last however many episodes with him. Just like… "Okay, this is done, and we don't have time for anything so *poof* gone." It's almost poetic since he was the only part of this season that I'd describe as fun. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the visceral, evocative Jack from the start; it just seems so far away with all the romance and melodrama that have consumed things.

Nor does it help that they felt the need to have a flashback and explaination that the whole Daughters of Aku thing were… really actually daughters of Aku. I preferred it when they were just some crazy cult that he had no idea about. Nor was there even a need for it. He could've just grabbed her and gone "Hahaha. Now she is my puppet," and skipped a couple minutes of dumbness. I suppose they wouldn't have gotten to then say "You have to fight him FROM THE INSIDE," in some totally subtle foreshadowing. Not that I have any decent idea how they expect to wrap this up next week. Rushed and unsatisfying is my best guess. 20% chance of handwavey deus ex magic sword, 79% chance of power of love nonsense.


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One Lonely Comment

  • jgoi says:

    Where’s my Jack vs Guardian pt.2?
    Goddamn you Genndy I don’t care about Ashi! Not even nude without censorship!

    Rather have a mini series of Scaramouche just insulting everyone.