Little Witch Academia #21 — People Falling and Passing Out

May 28th, 2017


How many times are we going to visit that well in a three minute span?.


We've had a few too many episodes about Akko's friends, so it's time to all but ignore them and rehash that one episode about Croix and Chariot, only without the "Chariot kicks ass" scene. Ursula dares tell Akko to rein it in a little, sending her running off to Croix to have her ego stroked. And to make sure we remember Croix's super evil, we have all manner of plotting in the background and beating Ursula up by bludgeoning her with roombas, and giant exploding snakes. She stops just short of cackling like a madman though, and just wants to cripple her, not kill her, so way to go on the restraint, Trigger.

Anyway, all this is leading up to a sobbing scene over friendship, which, as it turns out, is exactly what the doctor ordered to advance all aspects of the (non) plot, both for magical good staff, and for magical bad pseduo staff. How convenient. Never you mind that this is like the fifteenth time we've had this scene between Akko and Chariot. Never you mind that Croix seems to generate a zone of ignorance around her, keeping Akko blissfully unaware of one of her idols using giant exploding snakes and screaming Chariot. It's about the preciousness of the magical bond between whose-its and whats-its.

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  • Tank says:

    “bludgeoning her with roombas” … comedy gold :D