Little Witch Academia #18 — “Remember Our Mecha Shows?”

May 7th, 2017


Still better than the Twilight episode.


There's more than just a slight whiff of desperation with this episode, and I'm not talking about Akko's continued obnoxious need to be the center of attention and have all things revolve around her even while the episode is ostensibly about some other side character. Actually, come to think of it, the whole second half has kind of been like that. They've all but jettisoned Diana from the show entirely and seem to be throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks without any regard for sense. Technology bad! Oh wait, technology good! And remember how we used to do shows about giant robots? Those were pretty cool, right? So here's some of those!

It's hard to be too harsh though since the climax was shooting birds, stabbing birds with airships, and fighting giant monsters with giant robots, even with the godawful "clap if you believe in fairies giant robots" moment. That's a far cry superior to half the episodes being "Akko learns for the fifteenth time that despite being a petty, naive brat, she's the chosen one." It's just another particularly random one-off episode that doesn't really have a start, middle, or end, just some superficial connections to some side character and the overarching plot it introduced a month ago and is apparently going to just let stew until 3 episodes from the end. It belonged much earlier in the show, but even then, it would still be trying to use "WOW! GIANT ROBOTS ARE SO COOL!" as its episodic catharsis moment, which is kind of inexplicable for a show about witch girls. 

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