Little Witch Academia #15 — Balancing the Budget

April 16th, 2017


Not subtle about where it went, are they?


Boy, Croix didn't waste any time going right to pure evil, did she? So much for any kind of subtlety there. Also not subtle was where the budget went. So many flashbacks. So much recycled footage. And then there was the approximately minute straight where they just said "screw it, we ain't animating this." See if you can guess where it was from the screencaps! There were many 15-30 second parts where the animation simply stopped, or reverted to a clips montage. Nor does it really take any steps for Akko's desperately needed maturing and growth. Yeah, there's this bit where she looks starry eyed at the wonder of magic and Chariot/Ursula, but we get those every third episode, including last week with Croix. I rest assured that she learned as much this week as she has from any of the previous ones.

But I'm sure none of that is what people will be talking about. The animation woes are somewhat understandable since they went all out on Chariot's raid of the tower, but at the same time, that just highlights what this show could be, and probably should be. More hitting giant lions with giant knives, less Akko being a petty insufferable brat to everybody around her. Probably fewer laser roombas too. Too bad about the other 19 minutes of the episode though!

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:
    Talk no jutsu candidate, only animated things where surly their mouths? right?
    and here perhaps only voice and no movement.. perhaps an slowly zoom out

    • elior1 says:

      i think the reason ursula dont tell akko her identify is becouse she’s ashamed of it. She probably sees herself as a failure who gave up her dream. That’s why she always looks a bit sad whenever Akko talks about Chariot.