Little Witch Academia #09 — The Worst Pirate

March 5th, 2017


I know you have Jack Sparrow, Japan. He's in Kingdom Hearts.


For those of you who believed that the end of the episode two weeks ago was some kind of epiphany for Akko and she'd be improving, this one began with her slacking off and trying to weasel out of what she was supposed to do, and the main 'content' of the episode resulted from her ignoring everyone to try to take a shortcut for what they were supposed to do and then screwing even that up. Of course, the actual thrust of the episode was pretty much just a random yelling not-pirate skeleton running around town. If you're expecting pirate jokes, or some kind of satire on One Piece, you're out of luck. He takes his head off/it falls off a couple times, but that's about the extent of what it does with both the '(not) pirate' and the 'skeleton' sides of this situation.

Supposedly, it all ties back to that dumb intro thing, but there was no B plot, so "ties back" aren't so much the threads of different storylines coming together to form a tapestry, but the snarl of exposition dumps clogging things up, randomly stumbled over about 16 minutes in, handily resolving everything. At least a protagonist actually had to do something at any point, even if it was just connect a couple dots. How truly low expecations are for them at this point, and yet, still only something like the third or fourth time they've actually been in any way the agents of positive change. Learned anything though? Pfft. Hell no. 


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  • Neclord X says:

    Well, at least this week she managed to make ONE spell right and return the bell to its former self, its some progress :D