Quarterly New Show Wrapup and Preaching of the Apocalypse

April 12th, 2016


Obligatory disclaimer as always. Shows certainly do get better or worse than what their first episode(s) indicated. Mostly worse. Especially given the trend of the general anime audience to whip themselves into a furor over. Especially considering anime's problems with repetition and immediately taking every premise it has, unique or not, and then going to a holding pattern within a month. Since so many of them began with 20 minutes of exposition about what they are, they still haven't even taken off, let alone reached a holding pattern. There are still two shows left to air, both on Friday (Big Order and Sinbad). I will be covering both for at least one post, although since have already had tedious OVAs, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Anything I plan on definitely covering at least one more episode of has Lenneths next to its name and a link to my post on it.That doesn't mean I'll stick with it, or won't eventually pick up something without one (although since I'm doing this late, it's a pretty damn good bet), just that I'm planning to cover at least one more episode. Normally, I include a nonsequitur and 'hilarious' link to some random Youtube video for things I didn't watch, like sequels, but with 7/33 'new' shows over the last week being straight up sequels, that would be… painful for us all. Unless an episode bored or offended me on a fundamental level, I do tend to at least glance through the next episode or two of most things, even if I have nothing further to say. It has happened at least once in the past that I was bored enough to abandon a show, then the rest of the things on a day were bad enough to convince me to pick it back up the week after.

Anyway, onward and forward.


12 Years Old


Ironically one of the most mature and well-structured this season, but still preteens handwringing over puberty.



Imbeciles, tits, and CGI. Can't even decide if it wants to be a bad melodrama or just a bad comedy.



Glacial pacing and a total lack of a budget do not a fantasy adventure make.



About 35 minutes of repeating tired cliches and banality, but at least the 5 minutes of actual action were decent.


Joker Game


How do we make a spy thriller? A bunch of guys will stand around and talk. And talk. And talk. And talk.


Twin Star Exorcists


Utterly trite boy action nonsense, and when the big moment for all the build up came, it flubbed it embarrassingly badly.

Stray Dogs


Exaggerated reactions are not the skeleton key of comedy. Exposition is not story. Stills are not action.

Super Lovers


The only notable thing is the creepy quasi-incestuous predatory relationship they're trying to play off as sentimental.


Black Corpse


Robot emus and naked men were not enough to salvage 12 minutes of white noise that comprised the first half.

Anne Happy


Saccharine friendship nonsense chosen in place of jokes every time, and the jokes are just copied one-note gimmicks at that.

Girls Don't Play Online Games


Doesn't have any humor, just random posts copied off of 2ch and a vague misunderstanding of what online games involve.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


The writing is absolute twaddlecake, but at least the plot moved, things were animated, and something got beheaded.

Maid Boy


Awkward, out of place sentimentality that worked just as poorly as the attempts at humor.

I'm Sakamoto


A one gag show that was already wearing thin after five minutes, along with the runtime blatently padded out with blank space.


The Wanderers


Two episodes in, and it's only just barely getting to how isolated melodramatic sociopaths might be up to something.


Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney


How to put as little effort as humanly possible into adapting content across mediums.

Tanaka is a Lazy Sack of Crap


Tanaka sure is lazy! That's it. That's all the jokes.



Spent the entire episode explaining the premise and how it's so adult because it's moody. Actual story still MIA.

High School Fleet


Shameless knockoff of Girls und Panzer, and just as nonsensical and dull.



Should win an award for awfulness in fantasy for trying to use a giant paperclip as an evil weapon. Also, for the sucking.

Flying Witch


The only time the characters or events showed any life is when it became intensely intensely irritating.


My Hero Academia


Overreactions, excessive unneeded exposition, and screaming characters. Jump through and through.

Macross Δ


Production's solid, music's good, but the idol worship and characters cause me physical pain.

Three Girls Who Love the Piss Out of Bread


The OP and first minute are filthy lies, and like so many, had no ambitions above "here's characters, they have gimmicks."

Girl Meets Bear


Even if you could call the lame wordplay or overreactions jokes, they come infrequently enough that bestiality is a relief.



Budget is minimal, story drags, and the protagonist is an infuriatingly stupid cretin.

Wrapup of the Wrapup:

Ugh. Well, the season is what it is; and that's mostly full of sequels. Which means that somehow, the idol mecha show managed to be the least obnoxious on Sunday. Saturday looks the most depressing, being a weekend and yet all the shows having had terrible first episodes. Maybe when Okada decides to finally give Kiznaiver a plot, it'll be hilariously awful. That's the best I think I can hope for. Kind of similar for Wednesday, although I really can't say I particularly want to watch either of those. I'm sure I'll also go with whichever the least awful of the Thursday shows is besides Kabaneri, but… eh.

It might be another season of trying desperately to fill random days with fanservice or other nonsense. I can't say I really want to revive the idea of the quasi-LPs of VNs either. That was excessively time consuming. And with western TV seasons winding down too there's not even that. Bleh. Maybe it's time to start setting fires. Everywhere.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Why don’t you take a vacation in Japan and start setting fires there outside of the anime studios?

  • PP says:

    Of all the damn things you’re going to watch the Hundredth magical girlfriend high school harem LN thing.
    I don’t even.

    • Aroduc says:

      You say that like there’s a surplus of fantastic shows on Monday.

      Or on any other day.

  • konb123 says:

    Start a dog dairy!

  • anise_punter says:

    ” with 7/33 ‘new’ shows over the last week being straight up sequels,”

    That sounds way too low to be plausible, because 17/33 sounds way too low to be plausible.

    Second the suggestion of the dog dairy (I do not mean diary)

  • Benigmatica says:

    I think you should take a rest for this season. Covering three shows is just boring unless you do something like doing “let’s plays” or translating stuff!

  • Ckarasu says:

    Not sure I can agree with Boku no Hero Academia being typical Jump fare, as typical Jump fare is long, dragged out and nonsensical. None of which BnHA is…yet. It has a better overall structure than Naruto/Bleach, and doesn’t seem like it’s going to be as dragged out as One Piece, as BnHA has already revealed its villain. That said, Bakugou is annoying and will never not be.

    I do agree with Re:Zero. I understand what people see in it, but I don’t value the positives nearly as much as the rest seem to. Not surprised with Ace Attorney being not good. Everyone I talk to said the same things. Flying Witch looks relaxed, so I’ll give it a shot.

    Not sure how I feel about Sakamoto. I read one chapter of the manga, and I chuckled a bit, but I’m unsure of how long that can hold me as a viewer. I can appreciate a repeated punchline, so long as the methods of getting there vary.

    The only other thing I’m watching this season is Jojo, as that’s the only other watchable show. It’s good, so far. I know where it’s going, so I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

    It sounds like your viewing sensibilities are just different from what even the niche Anime that air caters to.