That’s Voice Acting! #01 — That’s Bull

July 7th, 2015


How did she get a job without being able to voice act or even interact with people at all?


I already tore into this one pretty hard based on my expectations of it and the other thirteen hundred shows just like it, but to my surprise, it manages to not surprise me at all and do exactly everything I despise with an added heaping spoonful of constant exposition. Do me a favor though, Japan. Next time, when you sit down to write a character, try to write a human being instead of a visitor from Mars. At some point, Japan seems to have gotten cute mixed up with incompetent and incapable of interacting with humans, so they keep producing lead characters who are basically insecure, whiny versions of the Coneheads. BELDAR! THEY ARE ASKING ME TO DO SOMETHING FOR WHICH I HAVE NOT BEEN ADEQUATELY PREPARED! HAVE YOU REMINDED THEM THAT YOU ARE EXERTING YOURSELF AT THE MAXIMUM OF YOUR EFFICIENCY FOR THE TASK? EEEEEEEHHHHHHHH! …God damn it, State Farm.

Anyway, it’s the typical insipid nonsense about the industry they’re a part of, except completely declawed and neutered in favor of everybody gets along and is the bestest most hard workingest and friendsest of friends possible. The humor is all in the form of overreactions/making stupid faces and could all just as easily be thrown into a show about hippopotamus taxidermy. The only difference is that the exposition doll would have to talk about something slightly different. It’s afraid of having any sharp edges at all that and so succeeds marvelously at being completely insubstantial. There are no conflicts. There is no plot. There is no emotion. There is only Zuul girls trying their hardest (but not actually because they’re abjectly horrible at it) and being the friendsiest friendsest (but never having that put to any kind of test) as yet another transparent masturbatory exercise.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    At least in Shirobako the seiyuu worked her ass off for a job and even then only got one at the end.
    The doll is just hilarious too, what a bad way to do anything exposition related.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    “…a show about hippopotamus taxidermy”

    I’d pay to see that!