Terror of the She-Riddler! #06 — World’s Worst Law Enforcement

August 14th, 2014


“Um, guys? Is there any reason we’re not arresting them now?”

“Shut up, Randy! Get back to programming chessboards into airport terminal OSes!”


So… after throwing a smoke bomb into a crowd and then being at the epicenter of the explosion, he just… up and left? Said “Nah, guys. Don’t worry about me. I couldn’t possibly be anybody suspicious. I’ll just see myself out.”? Then rushed home so he could preach the next morning about how much death and destruction he was causing to the people further away from the exposion to his live-in gimp? So… why again do they need any kind of elaborate plan if they could just toss a grenade and wander off? Of right, because it’s all about masturbating to how smart teenage they are. Silly me. Almost slipped my mind.

Of course, after the speech about how they’re such badass terrorists and killing people, it kind of undermines the whole “We need to go stop someone else from killing a bunch of people because then they’ll think we’re terrorists!” Oh sorry, indiscriminate terrorists. Because someone on the writing staff forgot that nobody but the main characters knows about mysterious super academy that is the actual link. Luckily, the riddle this week was especially stupid. Not by them either, but it was so close to the real thing, guys. Of course, since the official response by the entire police force to a supposed bomb was “Eh, let everyone keep flying in and out of the airport,” they’re not exactly up against masterminds either. I like how they got an entire room full of supposed police, set up some kind of computer system, and yet not one of them went “Hey, we’ve got these guys tracked on our super cameras… shouldn’t we like… lock down the area or something?” I bet that took a lot of money and a lot of lobotomies.

So let’s take stock of where we’ve come over the last five weeks… they’ve introduced a second antagonist. Oh, and they gave a name to the school. Don’t take things too quickly, guys. It’s really the steadfast godawfulness of the entire law enforcement community in this show that gets me though. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but that still doesn’t cover “We have a credible bomb threat, we know the exact location, nobody tell the public or evacuate or anything because…” why exactly? Everyone in this show seems to be receiving their instructions and motivations from the Telepathic Space Goat.     

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    “Telepathic space goat”?

    Don’t you wish you were watching more of that show with the mafia goat instead of this?

  • Sanjuro says:

    Other than the absense of a mafia goat, the thing that stood out most for me this episode were the walking animation on beardy and baldy.

  • algorithm says:

    You’re kidding!

  • Guy says:

    You’re really obsessed with the smoke grenade thing huh? Did I miss the part where he waved it around and announced he was dropping it? Why the fuck would anyone notice the thing being dropped, let alone stick around and follow a voice into a cloud of thick smoke after hearing that a bomb is about to go off?