Magical Waffles #09 — Slytherin Strikes Back

March 6th, 2014


This episode escalated quickly.


In a number of ways. Not exactly sensibly though. They began being all coy about what was happening, cutting away as people screamed, godawful stills-magic, even off-screen stabbings into puddles of blood, and then just cut over to Whose-Her-Face with her brush-lance shoved through some kid. That was then followed by an impressively horrendous display of ‘magic,’ which amounted to little more than three brand new characters showing up, explaining how their power of changing the room’s tint made them super awesome, and then another explanation of how they were in fact not awesome because that was the plan all along, and poof. Five minutes well spent. So despite the dragon, the first half’s direction and pacing was… let’s just call it wonky.

Leading us to the shocking twist of the episode, Lizard is evil! Thankfully, they explained that it was all an act too. This was not one of the times they scraped together much of a budget for action either. Iguana’s thing (besides the corny wings) is teleportation, and while I’ve certainly seen worse, Dumbhead’s thing for the fight was nothing but staggering around back and forth. There’s also something a tad disturbing about Blondie transforming into him and then continuing to kiss him. I’m not sure who that was supposed to be for. Thus, unshockingly after an entire episode of prophetic dreams of Blondie being taken away, she was taken away.

I feel like I might have cared more had it not been for like… the entire show foreshadowing Newt being evil on top of a week or two declaring that Blondie would be nabbed. I wouldn’t be singing praise for the originality either way, but at least I wouldn’t be thinking to myself “Good god. Finally,” either. Well, and if maybe they hadn’t gone so far over the top with a veritable army of spies sequestered within the ranks of the good guys. Where was your deus ex magic eyes warning you about danger while eating lunch with an entire dragoon of enemies?

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  • anon999 says:

    Can’t say that this anime will ever picked up for english audiences.