Kyousougiga #02 — Bait and Switch

October 16th, 2013


Damn liars.


I really do wonder what it is about the writers of Japanese anime that makes them think "Gotta come up with some kind of crazy wacky gimmick," which is immediately followed by "Whoa! Gotta limit our use of that! Wouldn’t want people’s minds to be too blown." I don’t know if it’s better or worse here when it’s an entire fantasy world instead of just people with super powers having super adventures. And no part of either of the first two episodes, episodes that if you might remember, involved Koto running around with a giant hammer destroying large portions of a city for giggles, did I ever think to myself that I wanted her backstory of being a precocious child in (mostly) normalville where the colors are normal, characters aren’t vicious dragons, and there’s bloom almost always coming from just off screen. They even had the nerve to begin the episode with an explosion and giant hammer, like they’re damned taunting me.

Basically unneeded backstory essentially and since the episodes of this show are extra long, I was extra bored. And also still not really sure what to do about Wednesdays. Thankfully, the preview for next week’s episode did look about ten thousand times more fun. Yes, fun. The thing I liked about the energy and whimsy of the start of the ova/episode 0/whatever you want to call it. Maybe we can get back to that, eh?


Next Episode:


The mafia attacks.

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