Summer Premiere Week(s) Wrapup and International Reunion Tour

July 16th, 2013

This has been a stressful and unproductive month so far.

Since I hail from an earlier time, when subs took days, weeks, or even months, I take a measure of pride in being quick and trying to cover things more or less within an hour or two of airing. Which also means that airdate counts for a lot in Aroducland. All of my opinions have been reduced to a one-line blurb, the first thought(s) that come to mind when I think about a show. Extensive or indicative of the entire show? Hell no. The main goal is to finish it in less time than it took to find a header image, which thanks to having to reinstall Photoshop along the way, made it a somewhat one-sided struggle. They’re all linked to my posts on them (or something at any rate) if you want more info.

And a friendly reminder, most shows are going to be mediocre and forgettable at best, make no mistake about it, so saying that isn’t exactly going out on a limb. My own tastes and preferences are not the last word in everything. Feel free to ramble or do whatever you want in the comments.

Anything that I am 100% certain I’m going to cover for at least another week gets a prinny, even if I’m on the fence about it and/or very cross with the direction it’s decided to take in a second episode. That doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it past the next episode or two, and I guarantee you that the chance of me covering four shows on Thursday is slim. Likewise, just because I’m not looking forward to something just yet doesn’t mean that I won’t pick it up. I tend to watch at least part of the second episode of most things, and this season has been full of things that went from okayish first episodes to dismal second ones, forcing me to push that out to the third episode. I just don’t write anything if I’ve lost all interest and turned it off after five minutes. If you’ve got any input, flames, or desperate begging, go wild.


Dog and Scissors

Tone’s all over the place, visuals don’t match humor well, tries to make up for it with tits.

It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular

A rich vein of monologuing and ‘silly’ faces, but nowhere near silly enough.

The World God Only Knows

Manglobe’s semiannual insert song shilling series.


Brothers Conflict

The only reason that pile of mush they call a protagonist wasn’t raped yet is because nobody wants to have sex with porridge.

Grand Justice!!

The only reason the protagonists haven’t raped anybody yet is because they’re all made of bricks and a lack of irony.



Adding to the sports drama genre by making them all naked, wet, sinewy, and with tremendously horrific vocal direction.

Tamayura – More Aggressive

Now as aggressive and exciting as a dead wombat. Nice music though.


 Chronicles of the Going Home Club 

Some good ideas, but woefully underfunded and protagonist needs a ball gag jammed in her face.

 Dangan Ronpa 

Not as stylish or interesting as it seems to think it is. Also, Law and Order has more murders, intrigue, mystery, and tension.

Love Lab

A few good jokes here and there, but tremendously bland characters that don’t carry the comedy well.

 Rozen Maiden 

Here’s a great idea. Remove everything people give a crap about in your franchise. Fan-goddamned-tastic!

Servant x Service

Inoffensively mediocre, but the only thing that stands out are the boobs. Nicer boobs than usual, mind you.

Silver Spoon

Second stupidest protagonist of the season and the show refuses to leave his uninteresting, slow-witted, obnoxious brain. 

Stella C3 Club

As I do not fondle my gun in the dark wishing there were girls like me, there’s nothing here for me but really weird music.

 Symphogear G 

After about 45 minutes, we’re at the ratio of around 30 great to 15 terrible. A significant step up from season 1.


 Gatchaman Crowdssu 

Tremendously stupid, but kind of endearing for it. Badly underfunded for an action show though.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

I want to throttle all of them and wear their vocal cords like neckties around my forehead.


I’m sure the simulated blowjobs by gradeschoolers were very tasteful and appropriate.


A Town Where You Live

Protip: Build characters first, then introduce the melodrama. An OP of tits does not count as character building.

 Daybreak Illusion 

Mostly boring, but has some interesting ideas and very brief flashes where they’re executed well, probably accidentally.

 Fantasista Doll 

Relatively competent despite being massively cliched, but unambitious and doesn’t do anything to make itself stand out either.

Genshiken: The Next Generation

Crossdressers and loud foreigners are not jokes on their own, Japan. Pick up the pace, humor, something.

Golden Mosaic

Making faces does not a comedy make. Remove that and there’s literally nothing to this show.

Milky Holmes

I used to like you, Milky Holmes. I used to say good things about you. Now look at yourself.


I’m sure my issues with this show is because it’s far too intellectual for me.

Prisma Illya

With the lack of effort, it’s hard to believe Silver Links cares about this show, so I don’t see why I should either.

 Sunday Without God 

First episode nailed the atmosphere, but characters need to start shutting up and doing things now. Or an episode ago.


 Blood Lad 

Bland female lead, but it’s fast-paced, expressive, and snappy with the humor. Just needs better jokes. And a bigger budget.

Devils and Realist

Surprisingly remembers to actually be an action show instead of just homoerotic. Sadly, has nowhere near the budget for that.

That Deen Dog Show

Was I supposed to watch this? I really hope not.

Ecstatic Family

Characters and setting are all right, so why the hell does nothing happen? Little House on the Prarie has more going on.

High School DxD

Not even good for boobs, just recycling the exact same poor situations and racks as the last season.


The rash of poor second episodes worries me a bit, especially from all the comedies. Symphogear seems to be going strong at least, although I’m sure it has an episode soon coming up of pissing around over being a professional singer or the like, since apparently that’s something that matters now, I guess? Sure fooled me with the way it was all completely ignored in the first season. I assumed everyone just knew Tsubasa fought crime on the side after, you know, transforming and fighting in front of a crowd in the opening episode. Anyway. Thursday and Saturday have yet to really be sorted out, and M-W look like a wasteland yet again so I may have to delve into my pile of games uncommented on, both good and awful.

All right. I’m way behind on where I wanted to be with translating thanks to my technical issues, so now that I have my new system all set up, back to trying not to think about the final ginormous awkward porn scene waiting at the very end of Seinarukana or like… the entirety of the pornful Romanesque fandisks lurking in the wings behind that too. Aah, the heady life. Am I even supposed to be doing those? That may be something I need to look into…

Go ahead and beg, plead, flame, whatever. I’ve got last bosses to work on.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    SHINKU demands you to be her manservant..

  • UltimaLuminaire says:

    Shin Megami Tensei IV is almost out in NA. In fact, it’s out tomorrow. Just when I thought I’d be twiddling my thumbs this animu season, Atlus comes through!

    Anyone know if Commie will re-insert “gay swimming” to the OP of Free again? It was on their first episode torrent for such a short time and I already miss it.

  • Saxon says:

    Ill have to say you summed up the monogatari series perfectly!

  • Eric says:

    I couldn’t even be offended by the little girls with guns in C3-bu because I was bored out of my mind about 3 minutes in.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    “Since I hail from an earlier time, when subs took days, weeks, or even months”
    How old exactly are you anyway?

  • Random says:

    Do you even like anime?

  • Fate says:

    Do you even lift?

  • ark noir says:

    Prince of Yaoi(tennis)was my dirty little guilty pleasure for one reason and that was it was a sports manga/anime with special moves.If ‘Free’ can do this I will ignore all the potential fujibait pairings like POT/Y and watch it.

    Must stress that all the ‘one straw, many milk cartons’ animes can go do one and yes that means you kimi no aru with your bad drama and amazing ability to introduce deckless female characters at will. I’m ok with devil and realists.They only dress up like women hence ‘one straw, many milk cartons with built in straws’ because it has a speck of storyline and Inu cos you know one of the women are going to prison for bestiality via red rocketing