Muromi #07 — Phallic Objects

May 18th, 2013


They’re a little too happy to rub those cucumbers.


Stronger than most recent episodes and recovered the budget a bit, but like usual, I feel like they missed an entire vein of incredibly obvious jokes. Dick jokes even. They clearly understand the entire cucumber = dick thing from the way that the girls were excitedly stroking them toward their open mouths at the end (or it was just one very lonely, very frustrated animator), and teased Taku being terrified of being made the love pillow of a burly kappa, but neither of them went far enough past that. The cobra and mushrooms also seemed like things that could fit into an entire episode of comedic phallic abuse like the one great episode of Majikoi, but instead they very badly forced some mandrake jokes that also seemed like just barely the setup before going really over the top with it. Oh well. At least it’s a step back toward the right direction.

Next Episode:

Fewer phallic objects.

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  • Anonymous says:

    So a mermaid’s dildo is a cucumber eh? But where will they insert it anyway??? I see scales and no hole(s)…