Fall Seriously in Love With Me!! #06 — This Episode is Penis

November 5th, 2011


This episode is extremely penis.


Oh god. After the usual Miyako opening antics where she actually got Yamato’s pants off before getting tied up (I think that counts as a win for her), most of the rest of the episode was eaten up by a mushroom festival which was almost nothing but an endless string of penis and blowjob jokes with the girls alternatively blushing, squirming, or looking at the towering… towering rods with barely restrained lust. Then Momo gave them a two minute ‘eating’ lesson where the girls began fighting back by fellating the mushrooms before biting them off. This is the difference between actually running with a joke and just playing coy with it to tease the audience, and is easily the hardest I’ve laughed at the show probably ever.

The stuff about Yamato and his father though, meh. Who cares? You were making penis and blowjob jokes a minute before and then suddenly that nonsense? And then followed up by slamming giant  penises mushrooms into each other with naked fighting to replace the broken penii? What the hell, Lerche? Did someone hide the mood eveners? That nonsense aside, finally another very strong episode from the show, even if it did involve castration in no small part. 

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • clazy says:

    there really isn’t any other single word to describe the episode… you hit it spot on

  • jowny says:

    mushroom tip

  • Nanaya says:

    The thing that really makes me laugh is that the mangaupdates site just started a poll asking if people thought that the Japanese are morally superior.

    The response is overwhelmingly “No.”

  • S.C. says:

    I doubt anyone actually thinks of this as even remotely relevant to the topic of morals. If you recall during the the tsunami incident there were minimal records of looting, whereas whenever we have a protest here in the west looting, vandalism, and arson follow shortly afterwards.

  • sage says:

    and is easily the hardest I’ve laughed at the show probably ever.

    Are you telling us that you are able to laugh?