Melty Blood Actress Again Official Exhibition Videos Take 2

September 18th, 2008

 Ries (C) vs Ries (H)

Sega uploaded 5 more Actress Again videos. Man… is Ries slow as hell. Those players are sooooooooo bad too. Makes it hard to really tell much of anything. Looks like she’s got some high clash moves though, or at least I hope that’s what that silly little shield bash is for. More after the cut.

Aoko (F) vs Roa (C)

Ha. Roa mines… that he can set from a distance and detonate. That’s great. Aoko’s 236C in Full looks a bit gimpy now. Another pretty meh fight though. Neither person seemed to have any real clue what they were doing and I have no idea what was with the crapola that Roa would put behind him. Worth noting that this is the Crescent (MBAC) version of Roa though. They haven’t shown too many C movsets so far, presumably because they’re not much changed.

Ries (F) vs Roa (F)

Roa’s lightning isn’t from his body anymore in this mode, which seems like a step down to me. We get to see Roa’s Arc Drive and Ries’ Blood Arc Drive. Both are alright, but not particularly amazing looking. Ries’ LA is here too in the last round. Another "pause the screen and then make a pose" attack. Certainly no Len Water Bubble.

Aoko (H) vs M-Hisui (F)

 Mech’s got yet more wacky attacks, including a smog machine. You so crazy Mech Hisui. Charged mines for Aoko… very silly. Not too much of interest otherwise. Her arsenal here is a lot more realistic and a lot less wacky… as much as you can call a robot maid with a lightsaber and an uzi realistic.

Roa (F) vs Warachia (F)

Hello again, Roa. Warachia’s new projectiles are showcased here, though we saw them back at the location test awhile ago. His spinny jumpy cape is a bit silly, but I guess good anti-air for him. Also worth noting is that he doesn’t just appear at the opponent anymore after his air 214 (I think that’s the motion). His dash in this mode is also diagonally up. Curious. We also get Roa’s LA here. Another ‘pose and something happens.’ Meh.

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One Lonely Comment

  • LHW says:

    Its 421 for Warakia’s air spinning move. Seems like there will be more variation to that attack. Either going out of screen and teleporting back or just halfway through screen and recovering faster.

    Can’t wait for for the PC version to be released.