Melty Blood: Actress Again Current Code PC Release Date Set

August 11th, 2011


In continued mystifying Type-Moon fashion, MBAACC is FINALLY getting a return to the PC this December packaged as a bonus item as part of Carnival Phantasm’s third episode Limited Edition Box (episode 1 of which is out now… like, literally probably went on sale within about an hour of this post). I… do not understand why it’s like that, but it’s one of my favorite fighters and that makes me happy. I barely remember back in this blog’s genesis when I counted down to MBAC PC’s release date. I think those were all purged from the archive in the great cleansing of 2010 though. Now I just need to reteach myself how to play the bloody game before I get to abuse all the fun changes to Len… like an overhead! And momentum preserving ice spikes!

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Actress Again: Counting the Days

August 19th, 2009


Just a reminder that it’s out in Moonland on PS2 now. It has to get ported to PC, right? RIGHT!? Hopefully only about 365 more days to go. 365 long Ryougi, school girl Akiha, and Archetype:Earth free days. *sigh*

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Melty Blood Actress Again PS2: Ryougi and Schoolgirl Akiha PVs

May 22nd, 2009

Not content to just give us Ryougi, they’re also adding in a third (technically, 7th through 9th) version of Akiha in her school uniform. They’ve been uploading quite a few short clips to the official site, reproduced on youTube for your enjoyment. Ryougi actually looks she has a pretty similar moveset to Nanaya (well, F-Nanaya) on the ground and Warc in the air, albeit a bit slower than either of them, while S.Akiha, is… well… another Akiha with all kinds of new flame tricks. Her damage output also seems nuts, especially for an Akiha. 5K on a meterless BnB? Ouch. Maybe Ryougi’s just got crap defense though.

Man… the year long wait for the PC port is going to kill me. A few more vids after the cut.

Thanks to Setrajonas for the heads up.

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Melty Blood: AA PS2 in August – BMW Perfect Edition on 4/27

April 15th, 2009

Famitsu is reporting that MBAA’s PS2 port will be released in August of this year, and if Act Cadenza is any indication, the PC version will follow about a year later. Edit: And who is that in the lower right I wonder….

Meanwhile, some NINE BLOODY MONTHS after they put out Act 4, Werk is finally getting around to releasing the "Perfect Edition" adding Saber Lily, Magical Amber, and new versions of Takumi and Haruna at the end of the month. Hopefully they won’t break the game again this time, or maybe even fix the inane number of bugs left over from their last update. A man can dream.

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Enough Actress Again Match Vids to Choke a Horse

October 22nd, 2008

He’s up to 326 at the time of this posting, which comes to around 35 hours worth of play, and has been uploading them for the past few days… and at three or four matches per clip… there’s quite a few. Thankfully, almost all of the ones I’ve seen have been pretty good players too. Granted… my sample size so far is about three, but I’m just thrilled that Len’s aerial movement no longer stops on her air 236 ice shard. The delicious crossup potential already makes me salivate. Not as good as Akiha’s still, but I’ll take whatever mixups I can get. Otherwise, too much else to really discuss here and especially since I’m sure there’ll be at least one update ala ver.B before it comes in a release format that I can consume, I’ll leave all the crazy analysis to the others. NRVNQSR EX-MOSQUITO IS IMBA!!@ElevenSHIFT-ONE etc etc

If you’re interested in the story mode stuff, Sibladeko’s been uploading random clips of that as well. It certainly appears to have even less of a story than Act Cadenza has, but they’re forgiven for all the weird animation they did just for story mode. The Necos especially have some weird stuff. etc etc

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Actress Again Riesbyfe Final Boss: Dust of Osiris

September 21st, 2008

Well, Sion’s ultimate vampire form is certainly no Onslaught or G.Akiha, but I guess it’s relatively menacing. Rrarr rrar, I’m huuuuuuge and eeeeeeevil!

Thank to Sibladeko for posting it.

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Melty Blood Actress Again Official Exhibition Videos Take 2

September 18th, 2008

 Ries (C) vs Ries (H)

Sega uploaded 5 more Actress Again videos. Man… is Ries slow as hell. Those players are sooooooooo bad too. Makes it hard to really tell much of anything. Looks like she’s got some high clash moves though, or at least I hope that’s what that silly little shield bash is for. More after the cut.

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Actress Again Official Match Vids: Look’t All the New Voices!

September 12th, 2008

‘Micael’ Roa vs W.Len

Wow. Roa’s like… a kicky Kouma… with Ciel’s Ex-Hiero. And what’s with W.Len’s weird disappearing act/teleport? And she can duck now! Clearly broken! 

Edit: Sega keeps adding more match vids. Apparently I logged on while they were in the middle of updating. The rest are after the cut. I’ll keep adding them as they upload them.

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Happy Birthday, You Soulless Succubus

September 9th, 2008

Oops, this was supposed to go up hours ago.

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Melty Blood Actress Again Official Exhibition Video

August 11th, 2008

Thanks a ton to Tim for pointing this out to me. 
Sega went ahead and put together an exhibition video for the new movesets and such. This really is seriously what a sequel should be like. Hisui’s Ex-Throne and Ex-Ladder were especially hilarious. I really really hope the PC port is a bit quicker than the almost 2 years this time around. Aroduc wanna plaaaaaaaay. Crushing Survival Mode with random characters can only entertain me for so long.

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