CG vs CG vs CG vs CG OP2

April 7th, 2012

Just checking in to note that yes, this still hasn’t changed. People talking from a distance, CG things pulsating, and when the ‘action’ does happen for its brief couple minutes, it’s CG tentacles molesting a CG plane before CG Lancelot hops on so that he can fly up to Gilgamesh’s CG plane and they can CG at each other. Thrilling. At least a couple of them shut up for a couple minutes. …Until it was time for Tohsaka and Kariya to hold debate team practice on how to best raise children between the two sides of "infected by giant penis worms" or "not." No actual fighting between non-CGs, mind you. Just yelling at each other for worming little girls. Even more thrilling.

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Fate/Zero #08 — Suddenly… Flashback!

November 19th, 2011


Who needs cohesion?

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Fate/CG #07 — What I Would Give For a Ball Gag

November 12th, 2011


No, I haven’t given up on it yet, but I’m not going to talk about it unless it does something interesting. The first half was the usual parade of talking heads with Iskander’s random nonsense (but more amusing than the alternative) but the second half was much better although I can only find one sided destruction of CG (or CG destruction of property) so interesting. After the first clip, Saber and Caster spent the rest of the episode talking, and the second, well… Did every character involved in the scene really need to explain the move? I long for the subtle and nuanced exposition of Index. Let’s have a real fight already, UFOTable. Enough of characters dancing with CG pasted on afterwards.

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Everything’s Better With CG!

October 29th, 2011

Oh goodie. A CG model dancing around for while the camera shakes with explosions for a whole 45 seconds. Maybe if there was an actual fight here and not just one CG thingy hopping around amid generic things going boom. And the rest of the episode was the same as always. This began with almost ten minutes of Iskander ranting off-screen because lord knows, actually bothering to animate him for that long would have been hard on the budget. Almost everything that actually moved this week was CG. Gil throws CG swords at CG Lancelot, CG Lancelot swings a CG pipe at Saber, Iskander uses his CG chariot to trample CG Lancelot and Kariya suffers from more CG worms. Stellar. At least they laid off the distance shots this week, although with this much obtrusive CG, they may as well be Gonzo.

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Distance Shots/Talking Heads #04 — Meanwhile, From Far Away

October 22nd, 2011


We really love those distance shots, don’t we?

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Talking Heads/Offscreen #03 — …But With CG Cars!

October 15th, 2011


Because ugly CG makes everything better.

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Fate/Zero #02 — I See the Want To In Your Eyes

October 8th, 2011


I don’t think they’re supposed to be spaced like that.

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Fate/Zero #01b — Summoning

October 1st, 2011


Yeah, I can’t think of a witty title either.

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Fate/Zero #01a — Worms, Glorious Worms

October 1st, 2011


Needs more squirming, less info dumping.

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