How a VTuber Went Viral #01 — Girl Makes Faces

July 7th, 2024


Spoiler: It's by being a normal VTuber.


I know I said this in the season rundown, but this show is baffling to me. Google virtually any VTuber's name with "drunk" and you will find likely dozens of results. Streaming drunk is one of the easiest ways for VTubers to get hits and hardly rare or unusual. As is being vulgar, sexual, weird, or all the other things young people tend to do on the internet. And usually when they have a completely crafted front and a completely different secret identity, it's because they're moonlighting on Stormfront or have created a weird parasocial sex cult. Also things that are not nearly uncommon enough for VTubers. It also goes without saying that somebody needs to explain to them that VTubers don't actually dress up like their personas. I actually find the technology there a little interesting in the puppeteering certain VTubers can do.

Anyway, this ends up exactly like you'd expect, being made by people who are only barely familiar with VTubing and have the general impression that it's basically the same culture as being a pop idol. Every now and then, they throw some meme from the internet that they've been exposed to, hoping that references will carry the day, but it's just a show containing a girl dressed funny wearing the skin of having anything at all to do with VTubing. Who is this show even for? If you want to see VTubers acting wacky and crazy, there's a whole subindustry of people clipping only the best parts of that. If you want a comedy, oops, it forgot to tell any jokes at all for most of the episode until the girl started making some silly faces. So… who then? VTuber fans who just want to clap their hands like excited harp seals and say "That's just like what my favorite VTuber does!" I guess. Not saying that isn't probably a sizeable market, but I don't think this competes with… you know, actual VTubers making the same content, only with all the parasocial stuff, not to mention a few actual braincells here and there.

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  • Ark Noir says:

    The five seconds at the start had me believing it was Aegis Rim battle mode(if you know, you know).

    All I was thinking watching this is remember that dude who kept shitting himself on live COD twitch stream then throws a fit constantly he made it his gimmick? My mates son showed me and I thought he has an audience for this?

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