Loser Ranger #09 — Self-Driving Cars

June 9th, 2024


I truly hate this season.


At least we're apparently abandoning the test nonsense for now. Sort of. Not right away though. God no. We need to do the following template four times:
1.) Hahaha. My stick is at maximum power level.
2.) Dramatic 30 second flashback.
3.) Oh no, my stick is no longer at maximum power level.
4.) Oh no, an additiona adversity. I give up.
Fill in which character is on which side of that conversation mostly at random. What well developed and completely necessary characters these have been, with extremely satisfying and creative fights. Half the episode successfully devoured by… nothing. I think my favorite part is how all their super swords lasted approximately 1.7 seconds while the main character's is still going strong through two episodes. Possibly even more.

But there's not where the consistency/directing issues end with this episode, as the other 'highlight' is the Blue Ranger kicking in the door to yell at and torture people. Yeah, sure, the monster dudes have been shown to completely shrug off and not care about being blown up, beheaded, and dismembered in the past, including even this one who was an uncomplaining severed head in a box, but being stabbed at with some rebar? That's going to be a whole gratuitous torture scene. Before she jumps in a car, hotwires it sliently, and drives it, all without arms. But don't worry, everybody here too gets a 30 second melodramatic flashback. Clearly more important than any kind of cohesion or sense.


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