Go! Go! Loser Ranger #08 — Lightsaber Envy

June 2nd, 2024


How exactly did he get under the table while they were talking? And then back out and into a chair?


We're trapped in this tournament arc for the remainder of the season, aren't we? Not that I expected any different, but as it gets even tournament-ier, the depressing reality is sinking in. It wouldn't even be so bad if it just stayed in the squabbling between angsty idiots, but it keeps getting sucked into unnecessary flashbacks. Repetitive even, because it seems like they're all "monster ate my family, power rangers are mean." Maybe you guys should get together at some point and compare notes. But we reveal our hidden power and yell about how it's actually who wants to do their best who wins, so the other side has to yell back that no, he's doing his best more, and so everybody gets a bigger sword, which is in no way phallic equivalent to this emotional dick swinging and we've successfully stalled for another week, to say nothing of the other four 1v1s we need to get through, all likely with their own dual flashbacks about how monsters ate their families too.

It also might not be so bad if it wasn't still teasing about how there's something way more interesting going on just a floor away that everybody is somehow completely ignorant of. I'm pretty sure even these morons should be able to put together at least a half dozen people suddenly disappearing and the whole place being suddenly full of molten beam holes, but no, we just skip over it, and pretend like the dude who was last seen mortally wounded in the care of a shapeshifter is right back and normal afterward, just not talking anymore. Can't possibly imagine what's up there. Or why the dude decided to not use the super special extra power sword he just told everybody he invented. Oh right, because that'd reveal it before the big tournament thing. Obviously. 


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