Loser Ranger #06 — Excessive Fire Safety

May 19th, 2024


Exactly how many extinguishers are there?


And why does a single one have enough gas in it to obscure an entire parking garage for five minutes? I'm very certain that would be exceptionally bad for the lungs, and likely make breathing outright impossible. Why are we even fighting in a parking garage anyway? Do all these cars belong to people? And they have an entire holodeck now to make fake fights? They're not using this for their propaganda broadcasts? Seems like that'd be far easier and more generally managable than doing improv with the local monster slave guild. This isn't important, but half the episode was explaining the framework of the stupid little test, and much of the 'fight' itself was just both sides yelling "I'm not going to lose!" with as many adjectives and variations as the thesaurus could cough up. Why are we even taking a test at all? Their GRADES are on the line. Oooh. Scary.

And of course, it makes absolutely zero sense for these people to be violently beating up each other and attempting to cause grievous harm to their allies and comrades, but it's a shounen trope, so we're doing it regardless. Along with them all being open and unabashed psychopaths but all this is still a secret from the entire world despite not a single one of them attempting to hide it in any way. At least the protagonist sort of did something a couple times, even if the height was just some light reverse psychology, which it had to spend more time explaining than it did doing. I legitimately don't even understand the approximately two minutes spend body swapping. Why did he need a picture of people he was already looking at exactly? He doesn't for anybody else he transforms into. And the clown dude just pulled the knives right out and went on with his day, so what did that accomplish exactly? Padded out the time, I guess.


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