Go! Go! Loser Ranger! #07 — Betrayal By Teamwork

May 26th, 2024


I'm not sure I follow the lesson here.


This exam arc continues to do absolutely nothing for me, and especially not with at least three different scenes of various people explaining the true nature of the test. Yeah, law of the jungle. I get it. Meanwhile, the angelic demon that's apparently murdered everybody's families got accidentally summoned by the comic relief girl that keeps getting stuffed into lockers… literally… and is roaming the halls murdering people. One of these seems like it'd be far more interesting to follow along with, and more pressing, so here's another two to three speeches about how you have to backstab to get ahead.

Which doesn't even make a whole lot of sense because it's backstabbing by forming a team with some slightly different people. If these characters had been established, had close relationships or whatever, maybe you could make the argument that all this is dramatic betrayals, but half already hated each other, and the other half get maybe half a sentence saying that they were besties, but wait, now they're not. Nor is it helping that multiple of these victories by teamwork via betrayal are happening offscreen, and what we get to see instead is the dead-eyed yellow lady just giving up for funsies after unleashing the super satisfying ability of "has a laser shield." Put together an action scene that elevates both sides instead of relying on playground rules; declaring a heretofore unseen magical barrier that blocks all damage until it… doesn't. 


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