Loser Ranger #04 — Handy Man

April 28th, 2024


Low hanging pun fruit, I know.


It finally dipped its toes a little bit into that ultra violence needed to actually make the rangers seem somewhat psychotic. But just a little bit, because it was preceeded by them being comic relief, and their own reactions was that it was over the top and they were uncomfortable with it. So we're still a far cry off from Homelander or Omniman's level of violence and evil here, but it's a start. Though it wasn't helped by the weird melting dude that was the villain of the week either. If you want everybody to have childish minds, acting out fantasies of ultra violence and the horror that would actually be, let's do that. Gimmicky powers and random tantrums are not getting there. I still am not really sure why he started melting. Was that supposed to be a bad thing for him? The price of using his power? Or just some visual flair?

Likewise, that one red-haired dude who slurped up most of the screentime for the episode was nonsensical. His parents were apocalyptic kitten murdering cultists who threw themselves at an evil monster which immediately murdered everybody. His takeaway from this is that all violence is bad, and so he whips out a lightsaber and cuts off his hand. Okay, first. That lightsaber seems like it would've been something worth bringing up for fighting the melting dude. Second, you'd think there would be some reconsideration of the let's-all-get-along-but-kill-kittens movement in the face of a murderous demigod made of explosions, but I guess that just means give peace even more of a chance.


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  • Ark noir says:

    I’m enjoying this. The whole infiltration of the rangers is baffling at times to me as within the context of the show, if they trusted each one to swap places they could of just played their original roles and collaborated like that. Don’t think it needed him to lose an arm and burn his face, but some people go too far for a vanity project.

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