Go! Go! Loser Ranger #03 — Dead Man’s Matchbook

April 21st, 2024


That's not how that works.


I guess I'm giving this the nod over Yozakura Family since its third episode continued to be more of the same. A training episode where, you'll never guess it, but he had to try his best, but he tried his best too much, so he won everybody over because he tried his best. At least they're trying to push the plot forward in this show, even if the characters and writing have the structural soundness of a popsicle fort. But at least it's trying to tell a story, not just falling back on the laziest of tropes and entering filler spin cycle an hour into the show. That's… somehow special and unusual in this cursed season.

The protagonist especially continues to be a petulant child who can't go one sentence without throwing some form of tantrum, but that doesn't let the writing in general off the hook. The scene with dude shooting him was especially bad, both for the overwrought moralizing speeches and for him whipping out dynamite and matches. Do we not understand what a dead man's switch is? You know how you deal with that? You keep shooting him, not stand there shrieking in terror at the 10 or so seconds he needs to carefully strike a match and then light a fuse. But same with the totally convincing 'death' scene. Are we cruel, sadistic overlords here? So why is the tragic deat some freaking ballooning? At least make it grotesque and gory, not goofy looking. Or how he's out there announcing how it's all a farce, and then practically mid-sentence switches back to miming for the camera and only then is when they start picking it up. From the helicopter. The silent helicopter 20 feet away. That generates wind into itself. Come on, director. This feels like it should be the most basic of tropes that you've heard about but never seen actually executed on, so they're all being mangled up. 

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