Go! Go! Loser Ranger! #01 — Truck Power

April 7th, 2024


Why are there so many Sunday shows this season?

There's seven shows today, plus the crow thing from yesterday. This will take a while.


I really think the whole "good guys are actually bad" thing would've worked a lot better if the baddies weren't such jokes constantly making excuses and reasoning for why things are actually kind of nice for them, and if the good guys had been quite a bit more brutal. As I mentioned in the season preview, between stuff like Invincible, The Boys, Watchmen, etc, the premise of superheroes being brutal psychopaths is well worn in the west at this point, and while this is going for sort of a similar thing, the violence and 'evil' of the Power Rangers knockoff is barely anything in this episode. This is where it should be planting its stake in the ground and going all out to really make them seem cruel and sadistic, and instead they're coming off more like bad bosses. The first episode of Zom100 was more traumatic to its employees than this.

I think it was that middle portion that was all schtick, overreactions, and yelling that really put me off. The start and end were okay enough. They had the under current that something was wrong here with the overly dramatic music and extremely corny fight, but that's not true for the middle. Very frequently, the faceless grunts would whip out the megaphone of exposition and announce something like "As we are all aware, this is all a farce and our invasion failed a decade ago." Nobody talks like that, anime. It was decently animated as well, but the actual fighting was very lacklustre, which was another place that it really could've sold itself on the presentation, but didn't put real effort in.

I guess there's plenty of room to improve, because at least it has some kind of premise and story, which is more than any of the cheat power things, but I don't think this episode did a particularly good job in realizing it. 


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  • Ark noir says:

    I must admit to liking this. It was a but saccharine at times with the putty patrol but I’m hooked on the evil superheroes genre. Blame that Whiny angry emo multiverse wrecking c**t Superboy prime for this.

    P.s I watching the bartender and train girls anime and they are dripping full of nonsense. The bartender one has is giving me birdie wing vibes. It’s yakitake Japan with drinks. Glass of god lol.

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