Doomsday Train #04 — Butt Shrooms

April 22nd, 2024


Two cities of plant people in one episode?


Back to mostly schtick, which is hard to say anything about because it's all so ephemeral and pointless, with about two thirds of the episode being them just rolling straight through some wacky area and screaming at the random things either assailing or ignoring the train. Goat people, space organs, a golf course, etc. I like how there's a city of plant people, a city of statue people, and a city of plant statue people. Really putting the old creative juices to good use there.

I assumed the growth on the one girl's butt was going to be a tail because wasn't their town animals via aging? But no, it's a mushroom that they just suddenly find and yank off, which de-ages her brain or something. That's apparently the story/plot bit of the episode and that's its whole deal, taking up less time and getting less focus than screaming at goats. I also want to know why they spontaneously fell over at the end of the episode, and how/why they were tied to helicopters. How do those even support their relative weight? If you're going to do a Gulliver's Travels Lilliput deal, which I know you're aware of because you specifically called it out, may as well do the whole thing.


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