Synduality Noir #22 — Are We the Bad Guys?

March 11th, 2024


What ever happened to that Team Rocket duo anyway?


In contrast to High Card, the best part of this episode was definitely the villain's nonsensical monologue. Well, not exactly that. It's the same Hitler Youth monologue he's been giving in every single one of his other appearances. I am the uberman. I will wipe out all the lesser races. So on and so forth. It's the reaction from the peanut gallery. Team Protagonist has absolutely no idea who he is or what he's talking about. Meanwhile, Team Antagonist was shocked that the wannabe Hitler and fascist that they've been embarking on a holy crusade against might be a touch racist and not care about them, and all they can do is scream in futile despair at this shocking revelation. I do mean that too. There's multiple shots of the random faceless NPCs yelling stuff like "You're just abandoning us!?" and "Wait, we're part of a racial purge!?" 

And so he launches off into space in his wannabe Epyon, up to the mysterious satellite in the sky that will definitely fulfill his dream of a pure society free from all non-humans. Why he thinks this place will be able to do any of these things, I have absolutely no idea. It's just some damn satellite in the sky that they accidentally downloaded a robot AI from at one point. If not for that, they wouldn't even really be certain it even existed. The explorer types wanting to find it just to find it? Sure. The neo-Nazi who thinks it holds the key to world domination, killing all monsters AND killing all robots, kind of lost me here. But at least the Nazi launched himself to the moon. Something it'd be nice to think about the current modern day Nazis doing.


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