Hokkaido Girls are Super Adorable #01 — “Come See Our Convenience Stores”

January 8th, 2024


Weird pitch, but okay.


And so we end today with this. "What if a girl with a chest as large as your head started rubbing herself all over you. And also brought you over so she could show off her lingerie and watch porn with you." Just make/watch some porn, guys. The only jokes here are the dude overreacting. There's obviously no story. Neither character has a trace of personality. He's Billy Everyteen. She's Boobsy Boobsalot. That's it. And that's all there is to know about them. Enjoy a camera up one's ass. One guess as to whose.

It's just plain weird wish fulfillment nonsense that is only going to get worse as the entire harem promised in the OP fills out. The particularly bizarre OP that features them all flying through the air before doing a hip hop ensemble dance sequence where it can't decide whether they should be in the snow or the classroom, so does both. And in between all this is perhaps the weirdest part; the tourism pitch for Hokkaido. Come to Hokkaido and see our overly handsy teenage girls and convenience stores. Man, whatever, anime. Just… whatever. Eat at Arby's.


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