Under Ninja #02 — Bras, Penises, Breast Milk, and Russians

October 12th, 2023


What a menagerie.


I don't know. In a world of a hojillion reincarnation cheat power RPG shows, I'm glad that there's something out there just being absurd and weird without deafening me as its attempts at humor, but I still can't say that I'm all that engaged with this. The technical production being so poor is one thing, but there's about fourteen different balls that it's juggling at once and jumping around chronologically isn't helping keep any of the narratives straight either. I don't particularly want to feel like I need to have a corkboard and string to keep track of all the characters and plot threads going on.

Focusing down at least a little bit just to have some kind of story specific to the episode itself would probably help a lot. Like if we just focused on the Russian dude out there apparently cutting off dicks because his daughter's been kidnapped. But then there's long asides for both the fat ninja and the I guess main character who just sit around and say "Boy, there sure is some big ninja stuff going on out there in the world." And yeah, they do tie them both back to the dick-dude, both as a target and subject of assassination, but both more just teases for later, even though I doubt it can live up that. Meanwhile, the flashforward stuff keeps inching along at the start and end of the episode but not really connected to the rest of things. Glad it exists and is daring to be different from the norm, just not sure it's made for anybody but lore nuts who like to build spreadsheets just to understand the setting or story.

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  • Chipp12 says:

    Are you going to check out Good Night World? It got released in all entirety on Netflix yesterday.

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