Seven Spielbergs #11 — BEES

September 15th, 2023


Oh, how nice. You got me some weeds.


I don't know which piece of stupidity I appreciate more; that the special team up piggy back move which they successfully used to do absolutely nothing was instantly defeated by casting the exact same spell at it as before, or that Nanao's part in this entire battle was to just stand there. Oh, but they had to explain how they actually cast the zappy spell slightly differently, therefore it's an entirely different kind of lightning attack. Whew. I thought this scene might've been over with after only 30 seconds, but we successfully managed to stretch it out with exposition and nonsense.

But that's just the first half. The second half has the dude being a sore loser and whipping out his swarm of large bees. So we're going to be fighting them, right? No, of course not. Time to turtle up and discuss it for the next five minutes, as if this wasn't already going slowly enough. How on earth did this fight get stretched out to encompass two entire episodes? There was barely even enough here for five minutes. Are they taking notes from a certain Monday show? But they're coming up with some kind of crazy plan that requires some effort, right? Right? Of course not. He just gets one-shot and then some other random monster pops out to drag a couple people off. They give chase, right? RIGHT!? No. It's back to basecamp to explain what happened, announce who's behind it, and I guess have another picnic. What a story. I regret so much ever giving this a chance. Please just end with dignity. 


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