Malevolent Spirits #21 — Everybody Loses, Off-Screen

August 28th, 2023


Just the absolute best direction in this show.


I was dead on the money when I guessed last week that things would be padded out so that they could do the protagonists in a pinch for a cliffhanger this week. How many times are we going to need to see these same two flashbacks to Hyouma's siblings dying and Botan's aunt (or whoever, I honestly can't remember) trying to rescue her? I feel like this season alone, we're reviewing them practically every single episode. You can't even say that it's because they're straining themselves in the budget for the action scenes, because holy hell, they. are. not. The animation and direction continues to be only barely above completely above embarrassing.

But the thing that really annoyed the hell out of me is how every single fight… Every goddamned last one of them… was ended off-screen and out of sight. Presumably so they can bring back all the characters to save the day from Super Saiyan Botan in a week or maybe three based on the pacing. And let's remember that the entire squadron of superfriends has been sitting on the side of the road for an entire goddamned month at this point. Which is completely different from Botan, who is sitting in the corner, indecisively whimpering for the same period of time. Who on earth thought this character was a good idea. There have been inanimate objects with more presence and importance to stories than her. They could invent a new character whole cloth two minutes into the next episode and it would likely be better developed and have more personality and purpose than her. 

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